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#[[Role of QA in CI and Agile Environment]]
#[[Role of QA in CI and Agile Environment]]
#[[The Third State: Beyond Pass and Fail]]
#[[The Third State: Beyond Pass and Fail]]
== 17:45 Topic ==
[[CitConNa2007Retrospective | Retrospective]]

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10:00 Topics

  1. CI Fundamentals
  2. Why TestNG is better
  3. CI With Distributed Version Control
  4. 5 Schools of Testing
  5. Fragile Test

11:15 Topics

  1. What QA Tools Do You Use in CI
  2. Simplifying Mock Object Testing
  3. Ultimate CI Tool
  4. How to convince management that CI & Test is a good thing?
  5. How to Start Testing A Large Legacy Application

14:00 Topics

  1. What is the right mix of practices and tools for introducing CI
  2. Agile Retrospectives
  3. What Mistakes Can You Make in Designing Your Automated Tests
  4. Peer Code Review
  5. Behavior Driven Development

15:15 Topics

  1. Functional Testing Frameworks
  2. Clover2
  3. Dynamic Build Languages
  4. Extreme CI Practices

16:30 Topics

  1. Using Dynamic Languages for Writing Tests
  2. Making your builds and tests better and faster (+ demo of JTestMe)
  3. Multi-Project Builds
  4. Role of QA in CI and Agile Environment
  5. The Third State: Beyond Pass and Fail