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Do not edit this page manually. Register here: http://citconf.com/turin2013/register.php
Do not edit this page manually. Register here: http://citconf.com/turin2013/register.php
[[Adina Moldovan]] <br/>
[[Adina Moldovan]] </br>
[[Alberto Lagna]] <br/>
[[Alberto Lagna]] </br>
[[Aldo Piddiu]] <br/>
[[Aldo Piddiu]] </br>
[[Alexander Schinko]] <br/>
[[Alexander Schinko]] </br>
[[Andrea Francia]] <br/>
[[Andrea Francia]] </br>
[[Andrea Papotti]] <br/>
[[Andrea Papotti]] </br>
[[Andy Parker]] <br/>
[[Andy Parker]] </br>
[[Anh-Ngoc Phung]] <br/>
[[Anh-Ngoc Phung]] </br>
[[Arjan Molenaar]] <br/>
[[Arjan Molenaar]] </br>
[[Carlo Bonamico]] <br/>
[[Carlo Bonamico]] </br>
[[Carlo Garatti]] <br/>
[[Carlo Garatti]] </br>
[[Chern Kuan Kiew]] <br/>
[[Chern Kuan Kiew]] </br>
[[Cirilo Wortel]] <br/>
[[Cirilo Wortel]] </br>
[[Cristian Mangiavacchi]] <br/>
[[Cristian Mangiavacchi]] </br>
[[Davor Banovic]] <br/>
[[Davor Banovic]] </br>
[[Didac Herrera Guardiola]] <br/>
[[Didac Herrera Guardiola]] </br>
[[Douglas Squirrel]] <br/>
[[Douglas Squirrel]] </br>
[[Eliana Alonci]] <br/>
[[Eliana Alonci]] </br>
[[Enrico Sada]] <br/>
[[Enrico Sada]] </br>
[[Eric Shamow]] <br/>
[[Eric Shamow]] </br>
[[Eriprando Pacces]] <br/>
[[Eriprando Pacces]] </br>
[[Fabio Pellizzaro]] <br/>
[[Fabio Pellizzaro]] </br>
[[Fabrizio Del Franco]] <br/>
[[Fabrizio Del Franco]] </br>
[[Federico Fissore]] <br/>
[[Federico Fissore]] </br>
[[Federico Paolantoni]] <br/>
[[Federico Paolantoni]] </br>
[[Federico Tolomei]] <br/>
[[Federico Tolomei]] </br>
[[Felix Schrage]] <br/>
[[Felix Schrage]] </br>
[[Flavio Barisone]] <br/>
[[Flavio Barisone]] </br>
[[Francesco Cotto]] <br/>
[[Francesco Cotto]] </br>
[[Francesco Gigli]] <br/>
[[Francesco Gigli]] </br>
[[Giambattista Pieretti]] <br/>
[[Giambattista Pieretti]] </br>
[[Giovanni Alberto Caporaletti]] <br/>
[[Giovanni Alberto Caporaletti]] </br>
[[Giuseppe Pasceri]] <br/>
[[Giuseppe Pasceri]] </br>
[[Henk van Voorthuijsen]] <br/>
[[Henk van Voorthuijsen]] </br>
[[Hermano Zago]] <br/>
[[Hermano Zago]] </br>
[[Indrit Selimi]] <br/>
[[Indrit Selimi]] </br>
[[Ivan Moore]] <br/>
[[Ivan Moore]] </br>
[[Jacopo Romei]] <br/>
[[Jacopo Romei]] </br>
[[Jafar Soltani]] <br/>
[[Jafar Soltani]] </br>
[[Jeffrey Fredrick]] <br/>
[[Jeffrey Fredrick]] </br>
[[Karoly Kamaras]] <br/>
[[Karoly Kamaras]] </br>
[[Kishen Simbhoedatpanday]] <br/>
[[Kishen Simbhoedatpanday]] </br>
[[Lorenzo Sforzini]] <br/>
[[Lorenzo Sforzini]] </br>
[[Loris Vosilla]] <br/>
[[Loris Vosilla]] </br>
[[Madalina Sicoi]] <br/>
[[Madalina Sicoi]] </br>
[[Marco Borromeo]] <br/>
[[Marco Borromeo]] </br>
[[Marco Ughetti]] <br/>
[[Marco Ughetti]] </br>
[[Martin Rost]] <br/>
[[Martin Rost]] </br>
[[Michele Orselli]] <br/>
[[Michele Orselli]] </br>
[[Nicola Bettari]] <br/>
[[Nicola Bettari]] </br>
[[Nicola Moretto]] <br/>
[[Nicola Moretto]] </br>
[[Norman Deschauwer]] <br/>
[[Norman Deschauwer]] </br>
[[Orlando Selenu]] <br/>
[[Orlando Selenu]] </br>
[[Paul Damian]] <br/>
[[Paul Damian]] </br>
[[Paul Julius]] <br/>
[[Paul Julius]] </br>
[[Peter Farkas]] <br/>
[[Peter Farkas]] </br>
[[Peter Zsoldos]] <br/>
[[Peter Zsoldos]] </br>
[[Phil Baker]] <br/>
[[Phil Baker]] </br>
[[Raffaele Marranzini]] <br/>
[[Raffaele Marranzini]] </br>
[[Ran Fan]] <br/>
[[Ran Fan]] </br>
[[Raoul Buzziol]] <br/>
[[Raoul Buzziol]] </br>
[[Robert Calangiu]] <br/>
[[Robert Calangiu]] </br>
[[Roberto Franchini]] <br/>
[[Roberto Franchini]] </br>
[[Ronald Doelen]] <br/>
[[Ronald Doelen]] </br>
[[Ronen Shenkar Rabinovitz]] <br/>
[[Ronen Shenkar Rabinovitz]] </br>
[[Salagean Dan]] <br/>
[[Salagean Dan]] </br>
[[Sara Lazzaro]] <br/>
[[Sara Lazzaro]] </br>
[[Simone Morlacchini]] <br/>
[[Simone Morlacchini]] </br>
[[Stefano Iasi]] <br/>
[[Stefano Iasi]] </br>
[[Steve Freeman]] <br/>
[[Steve Freeman]] </br>
[[Steven Mak]] <br/>
[[Steven Mak]] </br>
[[Udi Altaratz]] <br/>
[[Udi Altaratz]] </br>
[[Valerio]] <br/>
[[Valerio]] </br>
[[Zeljko Filipin]] <br/>
[[Zeljko Filipin]] </br>

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Do not edit this page manually. Register here: http://citconf.com/turin2013/register.php

Adina Moldovan
Alberto Lagna
Aldo Piddiu
Alexander Schinko
Andrea Francia
Andrea Papotti
Andy Parker
Anh-Ngoc Phung
Arjan Molenaar
Carlo Bonamico
Carlo Garatti
Chern Kuan Kiew
Cirilo Wortel
Cristian Mangiavacchi
Davor Banovic
Didac Herrera Guardiola
Douglas Squirrel
Eliana Alonci
Enrico Sada
Eric Shamow
Eriprando Pacces
Fabio Pellizzaro
Fabrizio Del Franco
Federico Fissore
Federico Paolantoni
Federico Tolomei
Felix Schrage
Flavio Barisone
Francesco Cotto
Francesco Gigli
Giambattista Pieretti
Giovanni Alberto Caporaletti
Giuseppe Pasceri
Henk van Voorthuijsen
Hermano Zago
Indrit Selimi
Ivan Moore
Jacopo Romei
Jafar Soltani
Jeffrey Fredrick
Karoly Kamaras
Kishen Simbhoedatpanday
Lorenzo Sforzini
Loris Vosilla
Madalina Sicoi
Marco Borromeo
Marco Ughetti
Martin Rost
Michele Orselli
Nicola Bettari
Nicola Moretto
Norman Deschauwer
Orlando Selenu
Paul Damian
Paul Julius
Peter Farkas
Peter Zsoldos
Phil Baker
Raffaele Marranzini
Ran Fan
Raoul Buzziol
Robert Calangiu
Roberto Franchini
Ronald Doelen
Ronen Shenkar Rabinovitz
Salagean Dan
Sara Lazzaro
Simone Morlacchini
Stefano Iasi
Steve Freeman
Steven Mak
Udi Altaratz
Zeljko Filipin