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The session I liked most was:

How to measure progress in adopting CI/CD - Raul Rodriguez

Pipelines - Jeroen Tiebout

Code as a crime scene

War stories - Robert Park

Canary deployment - Krisztina Hirth

CI in very small projects - Janne Kemppainen

Trunk based development - Jonathan Vanderick

CI/CD Adoption - Oliver

Best practices for CI, how to avoid branches - Matteo Pierro

How I integrated kid - Nelis Boucké

Reconciling perspectives - Laurence Whelpton

Non-Violent Communication - Adina RAV

Changing culture - Christophe Vanlancker

Consumer driven tests - Pieter Herroelen

Technical capabilities shape your culture - Rob Moore

People want change but they don't want to change - Toni Kortepohja

Elephant carpaccio - Thierry de Pauw

All! - Stefan Pfeiffer

KidCon - Jyri Ilama

What I liked most was:

Having the opportunity to have conversations with people with a lot of experience and people who have contributed to the community that have a name out there and yet they spare time to come (i.e. Jeffrey, Steve F, Patrick, Ivan M, ...) - Raul Rodriguez

Serendipity - Jeroen Tiebout

New models. Challenge existing models. Hear similar pains. - Patrick Debois

Sharing knowledge with others

Meeting so many people that I knew, I wanted to know, and new. - Robert Park

The people. - Krisztina Hirth

Being more active than last time - Janne Kemppainen

Discovering the Open Space format. - Jonathan Vanderick

Experience of people - Oliver

People :) - Matteo Pierro

People that where there, opens to talk, discussions. - Nelis Boucké

The people and the easy going, less format discussion - Laurence Whelpton

I have a voice. Also all the participants have a voice. We all share experiences. - Adina RAV

The openness of communication - Christophe Vanlancker

The openness of the people - Pieter Herroelen

Meeting and hearing from many people - Rob Moore

People enjoyed the conference and the venue - Thierry de Pauw

People - Stefan Pfeiffer

What I liked least was:

my level of energy - Jeroen Tiebout

Not permanent open bar and type of food - Patrick Debois

Food could've been warm - Janne Kemppainen

To "sell" my topic. I don't have those skills. :( --> need to improve - Oliver

No coding, show cases - Matteo Pierro

Choosing between sessions. - Laurence Whelpton

The delays of airline companies - Adina RAV

The schedule changing last minute - Christophe Vanlancker

Not convenient to reach with public transport - Pieter Herroelen

Lack of t-shirt - Rob Moore

Not enough food - Toni Kortepohja

Short-term rescheduling of sessions - Stefan Pfeiffer

For next time, I suggest:

Keep doing it in Open Space format - Raul Rodriguez

Drinks throughout the day - Jeroen Tiebout

Encouraging the workshop format (at least mentioning it's possible)

Voting for some topics in advance?? - Jonathan Vanderick

A kind of "coach" who can review my proposal (maybe just ask...) - Oliver

Better explain the format on the website - Matteo Pierro

1.5 hr lunch break instead of 2 hrs. Lightning talks - Nelis Boucké

Longer duration but same amount of sessions so I can attend more - Laurence Whelpton

Don't give up. A small conference which influences in positive ways only people with big impact - Adina RAV

Free water in the P.M. - Pieter Herroelen

Coffee, drinks during the day - Thierry de Pauw

Limit rescheduling - Stefan Pfeiffer

Additional comments:

I didn't mind about the t-shirts. Good facilitation at the beginning. Good catering. - Raul Rodriguez

:-) - Jeroen Tiebout

THANKS! - Patrick Debois

Great as always. Great crowd. - Robert Park

Shorter intro, but it is just a nice 2 have. - Krisztina Hirth

Hope to be available for next year - Jonathan Vanderick

Time slots too large - Matteo Pierro

Slot length of 45 minutes is enough I think - Nelis Boucké

Negative: noisy neighbors (sometimes. nobody's fault I suppose). Positives: really nice venue, lightweight facilitation, nice refreshments/food provided, well organized (other than t-shirt) - Rob Moore

Is there some kind of scholarship fund for people who can't afford to pay to come themselves? - Tony Bruce