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Picture of schedule : https://twitter.com/raulra08/status/1129675337288310784
Picture of schedule : https://twitter.com/raulra08/status/1129675337288310784
Thierry - [[How to Avoid Branching]]

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Picture of schedule : https://twitter.com/raulra08/status/1129675337288310784

Table View

Room name 10:00 11:15 2:00 3:15 4:30
Ned Kahn People want change but don't want to change WarStoriesAndSuccesses An Introduction to Non-Violent Communication How to measure progress of adopting CI/CD TCR: Test and Commit or Revert
Panamarenko How to Avoid Branching How to Canary Release CI/CD in a Serverless context Technical capabilities shape your culture How I automated kid integration
Marnix Verstraeten CI in very small problems Open floorpan vs cubicles Metrics to determine success in deployment Elephant Carpaccio Company pipelines beyond Devops
Anneke Eussen Techniques Flows and Resources for creating test strategies CDCT Consumer Driven Contract Testing Impact of implementing a devops culture Code as a crime scene How do we acquire and use knowledge from the domain of our apps
Thomas Huyghe Configuration as Code Reconciling Perspectives Creating a workshop to teach BDD How can we apply CI/CD practices to kubernetes Do we still need unit tests in microservices