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Multiple choice questions on feedback form where possible responses were Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or No Answer.

Question : Median Response

My goal was served by attending this conference : Strongly Agree

I enjoyed attending CITCON North America 2007 : Strongly Agree

The OpenSpace format is appropriate for me : Strongly Agree

I used the "Law of Two Feet" during the conference : Agree

The location of the conference was convenient : Agree

I would come back if there is another conference next year : Strongly Agree

The session I liked most was:

Refactoring And Legacy Systems -- Curtis Barnes

What Is The One True LanguageFor Writing Tests -- Jason Huggins, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Kevin Miller, Derek del Carpio, Toby Tripp

Are the categories of Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test, etc., still useful? -- Richard Jensen

Is RSpec Awesome or What? -- Jason Darling, John Woodward, Ram Singaram

What Is After 100 Pct Coverage And Functional Tests -- David O'Hara

Code Metrics -- Paul Holser, Eric Pugh, Vandana Shah, Harlan Wood

Any of them -- William Zachary

All that attended -- Cruz Pitre

Discussion in the tavern -- Matthew Stevenson

All -- Andy Glover

CI Practices - Barriers to Implementation -- David Kermis

Next Gen Test Automation Tools What Is Next -- Mark Anderson

Where are you in the CI adoption life cycle? -- Lydia Tripp, Bill Ott

What I liked most was:

Conversations with lots of people with different perspectives. -- David Gauthier

Meeting others with similar struggles -- Curtis Barnes

Talking! :) -- Jason Huggins

Hallway and bar conversations. -- Chris Turner

Discussions. -- Elisabeth Hendrickson

Interaction with others. -- Richard Jensen

Meeting everyone and talking tech. -- Maciej Zawadzki

Open space format & such amazingly bright folks. -- David O'Hara

Hearing other people's experiences. -- Michael Rousey

Open format made for very relevant topics, and allowed for going off-topic if the participants wanted to. -- John Woodward

The opportunity to network with passionate software professionals and learn tons. -- Paul Holser

The format & energy. -- Gary McCants

Everything -- William Zachary

Learning about Open Spaces, meeting people. -- Eric Pugh

Open flow of information and ideas -- Matthew Stevenson

Meeting folks with interesting problems + tools. -- Eric Minick

Nice people, collection of people in same boat -- Derek del Carpio

Open space format of conference -- Vandana Shah

Format of conference -- David Kermis

Informal interactions - Happy Hour(s), breakfast, lunch -- Mark Anderson

The energy -- Lydia Tripp

Awesome knowledge sharing -- Harlan Wood

Language for testing discussions -- Bill Ott

Breakout conversations -- Ram Singaram

Ability to ask questions and direct discussions -- Nick Naumovich

Big visible charts -- Toby Tripp

What I liked least was:

Some people liked to hear themselves talk too much, some conversations were too theoretical. -- David Gauthier

Too many good talks happening at the same time (hard to choose between them). -- Jason Huggins

Venue. -- Elisabeth Hendrickson

Choosing which popular session I was going to attend. :-) -- Richard Jensen

Who Is Responsible To Implement And Manage CI? by me, because no one came. :) -- Jason Darling

Too short. Not enough time to be involved in everything. -- David O'Hara

I could not attend all the sessions. -- Michael Rousey

Long drive from my house (40 minutes), but there's not much that could have been done about that! -- John Woodward

Some folks too argumentative and sanctimonious. :) -- Gary McCants

Fishbowl concept; people shouldn't have to leave. -- William Zachary

Nothing -- Matthew Stevenson

The session mix didn't excite as much as possible -- Eric Minick

Sessions where the instigator didn't attend -- Mark Anderson

It is exhausting -- Lydia Tripp

Silly infighting at one session -- Harlan Wood

No agenda in session to drive discussion -- Bill Ott

Length vs breadth (can't be in 2 places at once) -- Nick Naumovich

Narrow hallway of agenda -- Toby Tripp

For next time, I suggest:

Division between theory-session and practical. -- David Gauthier

One large group speaker (on Friday night?). -- Curtis Barnes

More hot water for tea. -- Elisabeth Hendrickson

Same format. Having people put up a bio that talks about their skill sets so people could talk to people who had experience with certain tools/apps. -- Jason Darling

More attendees. Too many vendors and organizers. These people should be here but not counted in the attendance limit. -- Maciej Zawadzki

You have it here in Dallas again. -- David O'Hara

Same level of lunch, drinks. will suggest to my company to help sponsor. -- John Woodward

Two days of sessions? -- Paul Holser

Archiving of all sessions. -- William Zachary

Have an area on the wiki, a place where individuals can add their specialties or areas of expertise. -- Cruz Pitre

More non-vendors in the mix. -- Eric Minick

Instead of 5 sessions by 5 tracks, have 6 sessions by 4 tracks. People can learn more & lessen conflict of interest when multiple happening at same time. -- Derek del Carpio

Longer conference for more sessions. -- David Kermis

Sessions with more preparation by instigator were better. More organization of scheduling (<sigh> I'm too compulsive about organization) -- Mark Anderson

NYC -- Harlan Wood

Lightning talks -- Bret Pettichord

Introductions are very long -- Bill Ott

Nothing -- it's just a fact -- Nick Naumovich

Additional comments:

Thank you for creating CITCON! -- Jason Huggins

Great conference. -- Jason Darling

Loved it!! Stayed longer than I originally thought I would. Glad to finally meet Jtf & PJ and others. -- John Woodward

Woo! -- Gary McCants

Coming to this conference I was somewhat skeptical about the open spaces and the schedule, because of that I had no goal in mind coming here. After the sessions, I am sold on the format and only wish it went on longer. -- Matthew Stevenson

See you next year!! -- Andy Glover

I'd do another in Texas without question, further away becomes more difficult -- Mark Anderson

Thanks for having us (Toby & I) again, we truly enjoyed ourselves -- Lydia Tripp

Great work! Thanks to the sponsors -- Harlan Wood

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