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Chris Gough

Attendee, CITCON Asia Pacific 2007

I'm a CI newbie, and these are the sessions I attended:

  • CI Fundamentals - The right place for me to start.
  • Simplifying Mock Object Testing - I learned what mock-objects were in the hallway outside this meeting so much of the discussion went over my head - however I did leave the room with an idea of what, why, and how to use mock objects. Monkey-see, monkey-do. The next step on that journey will probably be to sniff out the mockery in the rails test framework (I'm a rails newbie too).
  • What is the right mix of practices and tools for introducing CI Highly relevant for me; a lot of information for one session, especially since the nature of the topic means there will be different opinions and "every tool that somebody in the room likes or found useful" is clearly not the right mix to start with. I left with lots of web links to look up, which is the most I could every hope from a session like this.
  • Clover2 For me, a random look at a sample tool (a test coverage metric generator). Interesting, I can see how it would be useful.
  • Using Dynamic Languages for Writing Tests Had secretly hoped to see an example of python rig testing a J2EE app in a CI context. I saw a Groovy one instead... Tom Adams' demonstration of Domain Specific Language in a testing context will change the way I create software.

I had a great CITCON experience, definitely better than an old-fashioned conference.