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Colin Goudie Profile

Contact Details

Colin Goudie
MineSuite Principal Engineer, Maptek
Business Email: colin.goudie(AT)
Personal Email: colin.goudie(AT)
About Me: or

Work Background

I'm the Principal Engineer for the MineSuite product developed by Maptek. Our core product is a large legacy Java application with a home-grown DA Layer which had a culture of very little automated testing. Recently, in the last 9 months or so, we have setup a CI environment and are now looking at ways to improve the test coverage with unit and system level testing.

We are hoping to gain enough practical knowledge to help us make the right decisions as we move forward developing the next generation of our MineSuite product. (Most of which will probably be written from scratch)

My Interest in CITCON

My interest in CITCON goes beyond my current work needs. I'm looking to improve my own knowledge in this area as well as network with other like-minded developers. I'm hoping to take away not just great CI & Testing ideas to implement with my development team but ideas relating to all facets of Software Engineering.