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See also Photos

CITCON Europe 2012 Budapest

Attila Magyar http://athos.blogs.balabit.com/2012/10/citcon-europe-2012-tdd-is-like-sex/

CITCON Asia 2012 Singapore

Riju Kansal http://aaoblogkare.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/citcon-cool-great-experience.html

CITCON Europe 2011 London UK

Peter Zsoldos http://zsoldosp.blogspot.com/2011/11/citcon-london-2011.html

Skillsmatter (the venue provider) put up the video recorded of the following sessions on their site at http://skillsmatter.com/event/agile-testing/citcon :

CITCON Europe 2010 London UK

Eric Lefevre-Ardant http://ericlefevre.net/wordpress/2010/11/08/citcon-london-2010/

Gojko Adzic http://gojko.net/2010/11/09/beyond-basic-tdd/

Peter Zsoldos http://zsoldosp.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-citcon-london-2010-experience.html

CITCON Europe 2009 Paris France

Gojko Adzic http://gojko.net/2009/09/19/citcon-europe-09/ http://gojko.net/2009/09/21/mocks-are-not-about-isolation-but-about-responsibilities/ http://gojko.net/2009/09/24/top-10-reasons-why-teams-fail-with-acceptance-testing/

Joe Schmetzer http://www.exubero.com/joe/2009/09/citcon-europe-2009/

Nicolas Martignole CITCON 2009 (in French), Done and Testing (also in French), mock, mock and mock (in French too), user acceptance tests (yes, in French)

Anthony Dahanne http://blog.dahanne.net/2009/09/18/citcon-europe-2009-paris/

Jérôme Van Der Linden http://www.javasioux.fr/blog/2009/09/20/compte-rendu-citcon-paris-2009/ (in French), and also on Octo's blog (in French)

Antony Marcano http://www.testingreflections.com/node/view/8274

Zouheir Cadi Paris JUG at CITCON (in French)

Romain Linsolas http://linsolas.free.fr/pro-blog/blog4.php/2009/09/21/citconf-paris-2009-autour-des-sessions (in French) http://linsolas.developpez.com/articles/conferences/citconf2009/ (in French)

Emmanuel Servent http://blog.xebia.fr/2009/09/21/citcon-paris-2009/ (in French)

Eric Lefevre-Ardant on mock objects, on faster test, on the organization, and on the CITCON Europe 2009 predictions

Xavier Bourguignon Hortis at CITCON (in French)

Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe http://www.pedautreppe.com/post/CITCON-2009-in-Paris.aspx

Thibaut Van Spaandonck http://thibautvs.com/blog/?p=1001

Fabien Duminy CITCON Europe 2009 : in English in French

Jason Sankey CITCON Paris 2009: Distributed SCMs and CITCON Paris 2009: Mocks, CI Servers and Acceptance Testing

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2009 Brisbane Queensland

Craig Smith http://cds43.wordpress.com/2009/07/06/wrap-up-from-citcon-brisbane/

Alex Garrett http://lexecorp.com/2009/06/28/citcon/

Rowly Emmett http://rowlyemmett.blogspot.com/2009/06/citcon-brisbane-2009.html

Mirek Rzadkowski pencasts

CITCON North America 2009 Minneapolis Minnesota

Lisa Crispin http://blogs.stickyminds.com/Blogs/tabid/91/EntryId/77/Continuous-Integration-and-Testing.aspx

CITCON Europe 2008 Amsterdam Netherlands

Eric Lefevre : back from CITCON Amsterdam, Is Scrum evil?, coding dojo on legacy code

Harald Walker : thinks with open space that less is more

Hinse ter Schuur : has posted one, two, three different posts with notes from his sessions.

Jason Gorman : in brief

Jason Sankey : favorite session was Flickering Builds

Jean-Michel Garnier : is also back from CITCON Amsterdam

Markus Hjort : CITCON Amsterdam first impressions

Olivier Gaudin : posted thoughts on several sessions

Patrick Debois : was convinced to go deeper into development

Yegor Yarko : is ready to meet at the next CITCON Europe

Matt Wynne: on the value fetish

Willem van den Ende: on the coding dojo

Zouheir Cadi: Don't miss the next European CITCON

Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe: http://www.pedautreppe.com/post/CITCON-2008-in-Amsterdam---Part-2.aspx

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2008 Melbourne Australia

Colin Goudie : On his first night in Melbourne

Ronald Sunarno : .Net Developer had fun at CITCON

Tim Koopmans : CITCON 2008 Melbourne

Zutubi : Zutubi announces their presence at CITCON

Ben Kelly : Ben's initial thoughts on CITCON Melbourne

Colin Goudie : Thoughts on "Session Day"

Mark Derricutt : Impressed by his hotel room and the conference venue

Eddy Pronk: lessons learned on CITCON

Nigel Charman: CITCON Melbourne '08

Stuart Moncrieff: JDS at CITCON Asia-Pacific 2008

CITCON North America 2008 Denver Colorado

Andrew Binstock: Easy Does It With easyb

Paul Holser: shares his thoughts on CITCON Denver

Ben Rady: says CITCON Rocks!

David Vydra: is happy he went to CITCON

Jeff Peters: recaps the sessions he attended

RJ Bruneel: was skeptical about the open space format but convinced by the experience. he also wrote up some notes.

Mark Waite: was impressed by the people at the conference and still needs to write about the conference results...

Lisa Crispin: CITCON Denver takeaways

CITCON Europe 2007 Brussels Belgium

Erik Doernenburg: CITCON - CCMenu announcement

Marc Evers: CITCON Europe 2007

Eric Lefevre: Back from CITCON, Jester & Jumble, Hudson. Talks about a Hudson plugin using some of the ideas from past CITCONs.

Andrew Binstock on Why CITCON?

Ivan Moore recaps CITCON Brussels. And is looking forward to CITCON Amsterdam

Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe http://www.pedautreppe.com/post/CITCON-2007-in-Brussels---Part-2.aspx

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2007 Sydney Australia

Mark Derricutt's blog entries on CITCON: http://www.talios.com/tags/?/citcon

Jason Yip's key take away points

Erik Petersen's mini-review and mentions-CITCON-in-Passing musing on Levi technique

Kristan Vingrys's blog entry on CITCON: one of my key take away points

Tom Adams' comments

The Zutubi retrospective

CITCON North America 2007 Dallas Texas

Jason Huggins pictures taken with his MacBook: http://picasaweb.google.com/jrhuggins/CITCONNorthAmerica2007

Eric Pugh's blog entries on CITCon: OpenSource Connections

Chris Turner's summary: CITCON North America ‘07

Andy Glover: http://thediscoblog.com/2007/04/28/whats-after-ant/

David O'Hara: http://blog.davidohara.net/2007/05/01/citcon-2007/

Vandana Shah: http://www.developertesting.com/archives/month200705/20070504-CITCONOpenSpaceConferenceRocks.html

Matt Smith: http://netsmith.blogspot.com/2007/05/continuous-integration-and-testing.html

Elisabeth Hendrickson: http://www.testobsessed.com/2007/05/01/the-power-of-community/

Jason Darling: http://blogs.dovetailsoftware.com/blogs/jason_darling/archive/2007/05/11/citcon-2007-review.aspx

CITCON Europe 2006 London England

Ivan Moore: http://ivan.truemesh.com/archives/000651.html

Mike Cannon-Brookes: http://blogs.atlassian.com/rebelutionary/archives/2006/10/citcon_london_2.html


Julian Simpson: http://juliansimpson.blogspot.com/2006/10/citcon-was-awesome.html

Willem van den Ende: http://me.andering.com/2006/10/08/citcon-london-2006-photos/
Willem's pictures

Eric Lefevre: http://ericlefevre.net/wordpress/2006/10/08/citcon-london-2006/

Joe Schmetzer: http://www.exubero.com/blog/20061012_CITCON_London_2006_Retrospective.html

Owen Evans:

Michael Kloss: http://www.clau-mich.de/weblog/archives/2006/10/#e2006-10-07T08_40_34.txt

CITCON North America 2006 Chicago Illinois


James Shore: http://www.jamesshore.com/Blog/Citcon-in-London.html

Jason Huggins: http://www.jrandolph.com/blog/2006/04/10/does-a-testing-tool-prove-the-functionality-of-software/

Al Wick: http://wickidcool.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=44&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

Nola: http://phpgirl.blogspot.com/2006/04/never-dull-moment.html