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flickr CITCON pool:

CITCON Europe 2012 Budapest

Željko Filipin

CITCON Asia 2012 Singapore

Stanly Lau

Erwin Bolwidt

Paul Julius

CITCON Europe 2011 London

Paul Julius

CITCON Europe 2010 London

Dafydd Rees

Kushal Pisavadia

Eric Lefevre-Ardant

Claude Falguière

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2010 Wellington

Mark Berger

Oliver Erlewein

CITCON US 2010 Raleigh/Durham

Eric Lefevre-Ardant

CITCON Europe 2009 Paris

Mathieu Bolla

Eric Lefevre-Ardant

Paul Julius

Joe Schmetzer

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2009 Brisbane

Alister Scott

Mark Derricutt

Paul Julius

CITCON North America 2009 Minneapolis

Paul Julius

CITCON Europe 2008 Amsterdam

Harald Walker

Eric Lefevre

Yegor Yarko

Paul Julius

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2008 Melbourne Australia

Paul Julius

CITCON North America 2008 Denver

Paul Julius

CITCON Europe 2007 Brussels


Paul Julius

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2007 Sydney Australia


PJ's Photos

CITCON North America 2007 Dallas Texas

CITCON Europe 2006 London England

CITCON North America 2006 Chicago Illinois