Reconciling Perspectives

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Discussion based on the paper Reconciling perspectives: A grounded theory of how people manage the process of software development

Notes on the paper from Laurence:

Ahas from the session

  • Difference between consensus and consenual agreement
  • Can apply it to multiple levels. The double loop learning concept
  • Relating this to myself and how comfortable I am in bunkering and how hard is is for me to reach out and it is crucial to validate my model.
  • The work generates information and that generates misalignment. Coupled with that, with cognitive distortions you are often not aware of the fact that your views change over time. The work not only generates misalignment but it’ll also make consensus this way (it’s obvious and has always been obvious). The information generated in bunkering will lead to more problems in negotiating consensus
  • To learn that there is a model out there to be aware of where you are in the point of delivering software.
  • Descriptive model and recognize and think “I’ve done that and I’ve seen that happening”. Could be useful to provide theese labels in the future.
  • It is a scientific explanation for why we should continue duing kanban. And can put a sticker on it without using a buzzword
  • Like the model. Nice to see an abstract description of what we do
  • Nice to see the model. I used to do a lot of bunkering and deliver the wrong thing
  • Did notice that you can apply this model for any team that is doing anything together. This model provides a reason for why we are teaching certain practices.