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My name is Mark Anderson.
My name is Mark Anderson.

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acccna My name is Mark Anderson.

I live in Austin. I work for Vital Insight, writing and performing tests against our Sarbanes-Oxley Enterprise Risk Management software.

I grew up in a suburb of Dallas and am staying with my brother this weekend. It's always nice to get back up here, even if I don't recognize any of the new highways/trains they've built.

My background is development, I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Iowa State and a Master's in CompSci from University of New Mexico.

I worked for a startup consulting company in Santa Fe. I worked my way up to running the development team for a proof-of-concept. When we decided to productize the result and outsource development to Moscow I shifted to testing. I took a voluntary layoff in August '01 when money ran short.

I spent time in Las Vegas testing a product - putting ATM readers on slot machines - 5 development teams on 4 hardware platforms (3 proprietary), none of whom were colocated with me. We had the best requirements document I've ever seen.

I've been in Austin since Sept '04. I did testing for another startup for 2 years until we ran out of money.

I've been with Vital Insight since Labor Day. It's my first real exposure to Agile programming, Continuous Integration, or Automated testing. I've been enjoying it all a lot. Our code is C# with nUnit tests. We've got a couple of nUnitForms tests. We started using FIT via StoryTeller in the last couple of months. We used TestComplete for a while last Fall but found it was too brittle at the time.

It's 3am and I'm downloading SQL server to my new laptop - I didn't prepare enough this week. Hopefully I'll be able to demo StoryTeller at some point tomorrow if needed.

I already feel like I've met some great folks and learned a lot. I expect to mainly be in sessions on testing tomorrow (today?).

BTW, my favorite cartoon character is Smurfette.