Continuous Integration and Testing Conference

April 24-25, 2009 | Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


A successful CITCON North America 2009 takes a lot of planning, preparation and organization. To make this possible the Open Information Foundation seeks to include many volunteers...working together.

Volunteering for CITCON is very rewarding. Not in the monetary sense, but in the sense that you have helped bring knowledge, fellowship and understanding to everyone that attends CITCON. Additionally, if you volunteer to help with CITCON, you receive the following benefits:


Download the full conference volunteer sheet. This sheet was included in the delegate packs at the conference.

Read the description for each of the following positions. Each position is designed to be simple to execute. We want the volunteers to have fun, too! If you see a position for which you would like to volunteer, send an email to with your offer to help.

Venue Coordinator - Pam Rostal
Local Coordinator - Pam Rostal
Pre-registration Coordinator - Charlie Baker
Marketing Coordinator - Lisa Crispin
Social Director - Hamlet D'Arcy
Assistant Social Director - Glenn Opdycke-Hansen
Registration Desk Attendant #1 - Mrinalini Behere
Registration Desk Attendant #2 - Kathy Cruse
Registration Desk Attendant #3 - Scott Hoggarth