Continuous Integration for 'Different' Builds

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Continuous Integration for Applications that are 'different'

Noted by Julian Gamble

Issues encountered 1. Having multiple clients wanting different features in their version of the software (80% common) (40/70 features for a client)

2. Business minded management (normal?) (No refactoring!)

3. Multiple streams of dev per client

4. Junior team members (normal) (7 months to understand domain model)

5. Moving half the client base off of websphere onto O/S solution

6. Intermitantly available components (too hard to mock interface) (Challenge of mocking intermittantly availability) (asynch model?)

7. Control over environment limited to one component

8. Limitations of automated GUI robot testing

9. Multiple hardware deployment environments (different implementations of standard)

10. Lack of availability of automated testing tools for PDA/Windows Mobile environments

11. Difficulty of performance testing without production like environment

12. Testing/mocking queue interfaces

13. Introducing continuous integration on systems not designed for it (refactoring - see 2).