Docker and container management in continuous delivery

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Nick Jenkins sent me a PDF of his mind map style notes from this session... so hoping I can upload it somehow!

Picture of the board

  • We were lucky enough to have Matt from Pivotal Labs at this one who took us through all the elements of container management software.
  • We went through several of the core components.
  • The guys from BankWest seemed to have grown a lot of their own from the ground up and we went through some of the technologies they'd used.
  • We talked about convergence of the technology. How the fact that we could talk about the components at an abstract level must mean there's a coming together.
  • Also talked about advantage of delivering value early to the business by outsourcing the "complex but non specific elements" such as pipelines/configuration etc to these types of vendors versus flipside of the potential for lock in. * * We touched on windows readiness for this technology given Perth's mainly a .Net town.