How To Make People Care About Code Quality

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Care about Code Quality?


Sometimes not caring about code quality is a symptom of other issues

Does code quality matter? i.e. Why? What's the value?

Can you measure the value?

What messages are leadership sending?

How are decisions made?

How are leaders, teams and individuals compensated?

Who is responsible for features/changes/results?

How are those scoped, estimated and planned?

How are those measured?

What is the management and team mindset? Just get paid or grow? Theory of X and Y:

How is the system structured? As the output of the system is a product of the system:

Cost of Poor Quality? Benjamin Mitchell trade story time around investment trading (couldn't find link)

What are the corollaries for quality, is it craftsmanship?

What is development and creation mindset? Apprenticeship vs Internship vs Professionalism vs Artisan vs Craftsman

How do we train and develop coaching skills in addition to technical skills? Including train the trainers.

A low barrier to entry into development is a good thing, aptitude and attitude being the key success traits

How can we avoid waste? Lean Enterprise:

How can you do blameless postmortems? &

How can you move at the speed of trust?