Performance testing in CI environment

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Sorry, these notes are pretty rough, but a lot of the conversation was very centred on server/web-oriented testing, which I wasn't well up on.

Need reporting statistics on performance testing.

"CI & Performance testing is all about risk mitigation"

Use Amazon cloud for testing.

Two parts: i) Tuning; ii) Performance testing. Tuning is used to get to a baseline. Then CI kicks in to test against baseline.

For web performance testing, analyse webserver log files. 24x7 monitoring of request injections. Can compare response times with load.

Performance testing is also about regression testing.

Test tools include JMeter, Bad Boy.

Most relevant metric for transactional processing is 90% percentile.

Windows Server 2008 still has default limit of 4k ports/connections open from 1 IP address.

Virtual machines are starting to become suitable for performance testing given that modern hosting environments are often specifically targeted for virtualization.