TDD and APIs Theory vs Practice

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How are we testing contracts/services?

Practical TDD Unit and Service tests

Question may become who writes the mock?

Quality and process needs to be driven by business and through collective agreement

  Sometimes it may be developer who pushes to production after limited tests pass
  Sometimes it may be developer who pushes to pre-prod for further tests
  Sometimes it may be builds includes all dependencies to force the people discussion to resolve conflicts
  In all cases there are benefits of face to face discussion where needed

Tests can be a different language if the services are consistently built

Pub/Sub model can make it easier to understand but fully adopting Pub/Sub has it's own complexities

Pre-prod environments ROI vs Cycle Time vs Time to Market

Know critical macro services

Version and correct granularization helps

Tools like Apiary and Swagger may help with a re-usable blueprint

Technologies that attract developers include:


Dan North software talk:

Containers make it easier to test and stage

With TDD don't trust low or very high coverage

Coverage with TDD needs to be practical

Understanding severity of defects is critical