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Great things about Hudson plugins:

Not so great things about Hudson plugins:

  • Can be hard to figure out where you should plug in for your particular task
  • Jelly difficult to work with - have to know just where to put your file
  • Community (including Kohsuke) are not Maven experts, so:
  • Some plugins are version-locked to Hudson core version - break if you update Hudson

Hudson plugins we wish we had:

  • Dependency graph showing which jobs trigger which other jobs
  • GridGain integration (farms work out to multiple machines and JVMs as if in a single JVM)
  • Detect slave configuration and auto-tag and group (all Windows machines, all machines with over 1GB RAM)
  • Show timestamps in online console output, or even better, provide timings for each action (helps with performance-tuning your jobs)

Other tools:

Free help on offer from Douglas_Squirrel